List of incredibly useful and insightful resources related to frontend development and beyond.
Most of these I've read and listened to more than once.
Hope you will find them useful too!

Blogs and Personal Websites

  • Minko Gechev — Angular and Typescript. Member of Angular team
  • Cory Rylan — modern Web Components. Ex-member of VMware Clarity team
  • Yegor Bugayenko — software architecture and dev team management. Quite controversial fellow
  • Jason Miller — author of Preact JS and other UI goodies
  • Jehad Affoneh — design management for enterprise businesses
  • Marty Cagan — product management
  • Roy Revelt (Codsen)serial opensource contributor with over 150 NPM packages under his belt. I'm using the amazing remark-typography on this website to fix up the typography of pages generated from markdown files.

Outstanding Articles

Extraordinary stuff! Can't recommend these enough:

Insightful Conversations

Best Books I've Ever Come Across

Courses and Tutorials

Twitter lists

My compilation of prominent frontend folks and developers in general. Follow this list for unexpected enlightenment in various areas of tech. Similar but much shorter (oops…) list of designers on twitter. Follow this one for an inspiration.